8 mar. 2013

Place to Rest – 8.3.2013 – Henry J. White

Then i felt in love
Like stars hypnotize us
And then the sky opened,
and i saw you in the destiny lush.

But the angels descended
and time stopped before my eyes,
and my dream be evaporated.

No, please, my Lord, I beg you.
Not again, not this time.
Let me go, it’s my moment.
Let me dream the rhyme.

And clock started merciless.
- Must you decide?
Be another soulless
and fall in suicide?

(or) Better stay here, at my dream.
where verses don’t end
where you can hear each stream
where love and hate are blend.

So, What are you going to do?-

Neither death nor life
I just want a place to rest

Isn’t there such a place?

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